Collection: Silver's Suspension - FULL US CATALOG

Even though our focus is 1997-2017 Corvette Go Fast Goodies doesn't mean that's all we do.  We support other makes & models within the brands we carry so if you see a brand here but no listing for the part you are looking for, EMAIL US. 

Silver's Suspension is FI Performance's primary suspension line for all the right reasons: A product that deliver's a product that has excellent quality control / TUV Certifications.  A product that has kick a$$ support from the manufacturer.  A brand that delivers on all promises, especially when it comes to delivery reliability. 

Common questions we get from clients all the time, Q&A:
Q: What happens if there is a warranty issue, does the coilover get repaired. 
A: In most cases, Silver's would just replace the part.  It's faster and more cost effective to take care of the customer with a new part vs. going through the ship, inspect, repair process.

Q: What if it's after warranty and I need to replace a shock?
A: You can purchase replacement shock bodies individually.

Why have I never heard of Silver's Suspension before?
A: Silver's has been operating since 1999 and is only in their 1st year (as of 2018) in the United States.  For more back-story on Silver's be sure to check out the video's below.  

Is Silver's TUV Certified for Germany?

A: Yes

Q: Is everything designed and made in-house?
A: Yes, all Silver's, they do not rely on other part suppliers.

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