Collection: Haltech Corvette Gen III and Gen IV Nexus Rebel LS Engine Management Packages

This Collection Is For TURN-KEY Corvette Gen III & Gen IV Applications.  1 Package That Will Include Everything You Need From The Brains To The Display & Down To The Necessary Sensors! Select Your Generation At The Bottom Of This Page...

If you’re planning on putting a General Motors LS into a hot rod, a boat, a muscle car a resto-mod, or a lawn mower, then Haltech’s all-new Nexus Rebel LS Engine Management System and terminated wiring harness is perfect for you!

Scott From Haltech Introducing The Rebel LS System

If you’re looking for a Plug’n’Play ECU for a late-model LS-powered vehicle, this isn’t the ECU for you. It does not connect to any factory wiring harnesses, and it won’t communicate with a factory communication network (known as the CAN network) so the dash, ABS, and body control module would not work as expected. It is though, an Engine Management System and Terminated Engine Harness package that provides a very cost-effective and simple solution to get your Gen III or Gen IV General Motors LS engine up and running in your special project.


The beauty of our breakout harness system is that if you want to add drive by wire to your Gen III (normally a cable-throttled engine) you can simply grab the Gen IV DBW throttle breakout and Corvette Pedal breakout, plug them in, and away you go.

The same goes for converting from EV1 to EV6 injectors or swapping alternators – there‘s no need to be cutting into wiring harnesses or booking in at the auto electrician.


One of the biggest differences between the R3 and the Rebel LS is the ability to configure different pins and wires to do virtually anything, and while that’s great for flexibility, it’s a little more time-consuming and does leave room for error.

With this in mind, we’ve set up the Rebel LS with dedicated inputs and outputs that don’t require configuration and work as intended right out of the box. Every wire in the harness is labeled and configured in the software so there’s no chance of a setup or configuration problem.

There’s simply no need to spend hours working on a pin-out, or assigning pins and functionality in the software. Just read the labels on the harness and plug them into the associated device. Having dedicated inputs and outputs has allowed us to keep hardware and wiring harness costs down, allowing us to pass that cost saving onto you.

But, we know that if you’re putting an LS into your project car there will always be a level of customization, so we’ve included some configurable channels.

• 1x 25amp output
• 5 x digital outputs
• 4 x digital inputs
• 2 x analogue inputs

These are user-configurable and extra to the inputs and outputs required to run the engine.

Now, let’s take a look at the ECU itself. It looks a lot like the R3, and again, we’ve done that to keep the costs down, but inside it’s been designed specifically for the LS engines. The only visual difference is the use of the screw terminals over the Surlok connectors found on the R3. Surloks can be hard to come by, so we’ve done this for ease of use.

On the transmission side of things the harness includes the electrical connector for the T56 speed sensor, but you could run any manual gearbox or mechanically shifted automatic transmission like a Powerglide or TH400.

We will be adding support for popular electronically controlled transmissions in the future and they will integrate with the current harness system.

The Rebel LS has a “CAN” communication network that allows communication with all the popular Haltech CAN devices like the iC-7 Dash, 8 and 15 Button Keypads, and the Power Distribution Modules or PD-16s. In fact, you could connect up to 4 PD-16 units and have the entire car including headlights and tail lights controlled through the ECU avoiding the need for external fuses and relays.


As for the software, there’s a setup wizard that runs when you first go online with the ECU.

It asks for a little information about your particular setup then it builds the Fuel and Ignition maps, as well as makes setup changes depending on the configuration.

It’ll ask things like which variant of engine you’re using, what’s the compression ratio, what camshaft you are using, what injectors, and which coils. Asking you to let us know which components are in play, so we can build the closest tune file for your combination.

The Rebel LS ECU is equipped with advanced long-term learning which allows it to monitor the Air to Fuel ratio, the ignition table, and knock detection feedback as well as idle quality and continually make adjustments in the background. The longer the engine runs the better the tune-up gets!

You can go online with the Nexus NSP software and make tuning changes just like you’re used to with the rest of the Haltech range, but there is certainly no need to – The setup wizard takes care of it all!

The Rebel LS is also compatible with the “Haltech Connect App”, which will be available later in the year.

This app allows you to monitor data in real-time on your smartphone or tablet, as well as make tuning and setting changes (like adjusting your rev limit or launch control RPM) as well as check and clear trouble codes or do a little data logging.


Ignition 8 x Pre-Configured Outputs
Injector 8 x Pre-Configured Outputs (High Impedance Only)
Low Side Switched / Digital Pulsed Outputs (DPO) 5
25A Outputs 3 x Dedicated (Ignition / Injection, Fuel Pump and Cooling Fan)
1 x User Definable
User Definable Analog Voltage Inputs (AVI) 2
Engine Position Inputs 2 x Dedicated Crank And Cam inputs
User Definable Synchronised Pulsed Inputs (SPI) 4 (Can Be Programmed For AVIs)
Pre Configured Knock Inputs 2
On-board Wideband Controller (LSU 4.9 Only) 1 (Expandable To 10 With Haltech CAN WB Modules)
Ignition Switch Input 1
CAN Bus Networks 1 x Dedicated Haltech CAN
High-Speed USB 2.0 (USB-C interface) 1
On-board Wi-Fi YES
On-board Data Logging 32MB
On-board MAP Sensor 4Bar (Absolute) / 43.5 PSI Gauge
Oscilloscope 4 Channel
5V Sensor Supply 1
8V Sensor Supply 1
Sensor Ground 1
Easy Set Up Wizard YES
Drive-By-Wire Throttle Support 1
Flex Fuel YES
Closed Loop O2 Control Dual Bank (Requires Additional Sensor / Controller)
Knock Control Dual
Variable Cam Control NO
Auto Trans Control Coming Soon
Long Term Learning YES – 3D
Data Logging Laptop + Onboard
Anti-Lag Rotational Idle YES
Launch Control YES
Traction Control YES
Tuning Table Resolution 32 x 32 – 3D
Engine Protection Multi-Level
CAN Networks 1 (Haltech CAN Only)
Nitrous Control YES
Boost Control 3D Closed Loop
Flat Shift Control YES
Shock Travel & Ride Height YES
Race Timer YES
Driveshaft And Engine RPM Targeting NO