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“954 Billet” FI Performance Corvette C5 Transmission Mount

“954 Billet” FI Performance Corvette C5 Transmission Mount

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NEW DESIGN - The OEM Corvette transmission mounts are fine for low power C5’s.  High HP C5’s that launch hard, the transmission mount is prone to failure.  This often reduces traction also creating powertrain shake (sometimes mistaken as wheel hop). With a forced induction C5 throwing the power down and you are really asking for problems.

The 954 Billet Design Transmission Mount set is designed to replace the OE mount and bolts to the differential to keep your powertrain in place reducing the loads on your half-shafts and other driveline components.

Constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum Energy Suspension Bushing / Pads and Steel Bracket for durability, pair this transmission mount with Engine Mounts for an unbeatable package. All necessary hardware is included and this is a direct fit application for all C5 Corvette models.  

Note:  You are going from a squishy rubber mount to a solid Poly mount, you will notice a slight increase in driveline feel.

You do not need to remove your harmonica dampener on the side of the differential with this new design during installation.  Also the brake lines are easier to deal wit.

If there is any question please call or text 203-644-0712.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Smith (Jacksonville, US)

I've tried 3 different diff mounts. The Lux Mount by SacCity, AMT Double Barrel, and just for the **** of it the Duralast c5 mount. Finally bought this 954 Bullet from FI Performance. In a nutshell the 954 had the least NVH of them all and best of all zero wheel hop even with crappy tires. Thanks Mr. Brian for your vast knowledge on this subject.

Jesse Giambra (Las Vegas, US)

I’ve only received my diff brace still waiting for my trans brace only got one tracking number so not too sure about that

Hi there, thank you for reaching out to us. We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with your order. We have already begun looking into this matter prior to receiving your review, as we received your email earlier today. We will make sure to keep you updated on the status of your trans brace. Thank you for your patience and for choosing us as your performance parts supplier.

Timothy Boylhart (Baldwinsville, US)
Awesome quality

Great quality, unfortunately the differential did not make the pass , time for an uprgraded diff lol

Jeff Bernauer (Birmingham, US)
Great product, great fit.

Looking forward to putting this to use. Brace went in without issue and was a fairly easy install since I had my drivetrain out for other work. Nice quality product.