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Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit for 97-04 Corvette C5 & Z06

Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit for 97-04 Corvette C5 & Z06

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THIS IS THE KIT YOU'VE HEARD THE RAVE REVIEWS ABOUT! Since their creation, the stock clutch hydraulic system has plagued C5 Corvettes. Shifting quickly at high RPM is extremely hard (in some cases even impossible), especially when using a beefy aftermarket clutch. Getting into first gear or reverse sitting still is sometimes a chore! The clutch pedal sticking to the floor is all too common, as well.

The Tick Performance Adjustable Master Cylinder Kit ships complete with everything needed to install, including: custom Tilton Adjustable Master Cylinder, Tick's Unrestricted and Heat-Wrapped Clutch Hydraulic Line (eliminating the need for the "drill mod"), all necessary hardware, self-stick template for drilling, and easy to understand instructions.

Their Adjustable Master Cylinder successfully flows more fluid than any other master cylinder available, makes clutch disengagement issues a thing of the past (with ANY clutch), uses a simple turnbuckle adjustment system and installs in 60-120 minutes. They also warranty these kits against failure for the entire time you own yours.

Option Guide: Do I need a GM Quick Disconnect Tool?

A special tool is NOT necessary in order to remove & reinstall the GM Quick Disconnect Fitting that mates your hydraulic clutch line to your slave cylinder, but it does make the task a bit easier (and reduces the risk of damage) versus using a screwdriver or universal tool.  The GM Quick Disconnect Tool that we offer is specifically designed for use with the GM Quick Disconnect Fitting and we will throw one in if you don't have one, just ask.

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