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Nitrous Express 90mm LSx 50-400hp Plate Kit - BIG BOI Combo

Nitrous Express 90mm LSx 50-400hp Plate Kit - BIG BOI Combo

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This is your 90mm Throttle Body Plate System turn key solution to control everything including timing retard with launch controller and no-lift shifting capabilities.

You get everything, the NX Express 90mm Plate Kit for 50-400hp hits pending on your jet selection of course.  No need to mess with nozzles and un-equal misting of fuel and nitrous within the air stream.  The NOS Controller takes care of the RPM windows switch side plus a lot more and external trigger to activate the timing retard on the Lingenfelter LNC-2000.

The LPE LNC-2000 will add launch control capabilities as well as no-lift shifting.  Especially badass for those that want to keep the boost up between shifts.

We top it off with a set of 60lbs. Siemens/Deka EV1 Tall injectors and data sheets to go along with your order.  The only thing you will need is an adequate fuel supply to ensure enough volume to feed the injectors.

Note: This setup is optimal for for 150hp shot, larger shots may require larger injectors and fuel system.  Also, you may need to space out the power steering reservoir due to the throttle body plate.  

NX Express Kit 20934-10
NOS Controller 2597NOS
LPE LNC-2000
Deka 60# EV1 Tall Injectors

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