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The Mini Mantis Kit for the Corvette C5/C6 is the most relevant starter angle kit in today's drift society, and here's why,

C5/C6/C7 angle kit solutions that are affordable and have the perfect Ackerman.  Redrilled knuckles have too much positive Ackerman, there is no option to correct this as the hole can only be drilled where there is enough material, and other adapters available have too much negative Ackerman because they only fit in one location on the C5/C6 knuckle. Currently nothing available for C7 other than drilled)
This design has 2 tierod location options, the first is a moderate increase in angle for those with OEM arms (measured at 50 degrees of lock) and the second position is for a full 70 degrees of lock, that can be used with aftermarket arms of any brand
The brackets are made from high-strength, Alloy steel and 7075 aluminum making them a lightweight and robust design. 
Please allow 2 weeks for build/ship time until we have them in stock.

Extended Brake Lines Are An Absolute Must!  If you don't have them already, we have setup the website to default select that you need to order those too.  If you already have extended lines, great!  Select "I already have extended brake lines" and it will take those off the kit total.  Without them, your stock lines WILL SNAP and you will have a bad day!

FI Performance is a proud FDF Dealer in partnership with DriftHQ and we usually have kits ready to go however due to demand, sometimes there will be a 2-3 week wait.  If you have any questions, please call us directly at 203-644-0712 and ask for Brian.

CHECK OUT the Warvette in action rolling on Silver's Coilovers & the FDF Mantis Angle Kit

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