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A&A Corvette C5 Supercharger Kit + Fuel System - The Ricky G Project

A&A Corvette C5 Supercharger Kit + Fuel System - The Ricky G Project

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This is where it all started for A&A back in the 1990s. 
The C5 continues to be a great platform for supercharging due to the affordability and number of vehicles available. While some manufacturers have stopped supporting C5, they not only support, but continue to improve existing parts and design new ones. C5 is, and will continue to be, a great hotrod platform for some time. 

A&A’s C5 supercharger systems have benefited from all the innovations implemented in our C6 and C7 research and development. Each time they found a way to improve the C6 and C7 systems, they went back to C5 and did the same. The other guys just sat back and said “Our C5 systems are good enough” and have not updated their C5 systems in years. 

As with C6 and C7 they offer 50 State Legal (CARB EO# D-707) systems all the 
System Features:
Proprietary Vortech head unit Ti Trim Self Contained Oil System
Full width Ram Air Intercooler with replaceable scoop and mounting brackets 
Large 4 ½” inlet duct with re-usable high flow filter 
80# Siemens injectors
A&A Corvette Stage 1 (External Pump) Fuel System
"Big Bubba" Blow-Off Valve
NGK TR6 spark plugs pre-gapped to .035” 
Crank pinning kit with new OE bolt 
A&A Corvette superior bracket system with fully adjustable billet tensioner 
Aluminum surround panels to enclose the radiator cavity 
4 ply silicone hoses formed specifically to navigate the C5 engine compartment 
Stainless steel “constant tension clamps” for secure connections 
Mandrel bent polished aluminum MAF tube with bead rolled ends (black powder coat available) 
Upper radiator brackets to support radiator, fan and condenser assembly. 
Powder-coated top shroud 
Hardware kit with vacuum hoses, fittings, screws etc. 

Also included is a build sheet showing each part as it was boxed for shipping and initialed by their shipping manager. 

C5 is a “Bottom Breather”. Incoming airflow is drawn in from under the car, rather than through a large grille opening as in later models. This requires a different approach as to how to get adequate airflow through the intercooler.

Just putting an intercooler in front of the radiator does little more than block the radiator. The factory shroud (that large plastic piece that slopes down from the top of the radiator to the front bumper) is gone, so what is there to force the air through the intercooler and radiator? Furthermore, with that shroud gone, what is there to stop the airflow from just going off into the fender wells on either side of the radiator as well as up into the bumper itself? The straight answer is NOTHING! 
A&A is the ONLY system that looks at this problem and actually does something about it. They have CNC formed aluminum panels that seal this whole area off so the airflow is trapped in the radiator cavity and forced into the radiator. This approach helps engine cooling tremendously. 


The full width intercooler is sealed tightly against the front panel and has its own “scoop” to grab the airflow and force it through the intercooler itself. Again, A&A is the ONLY manufacturer to do this or, for that matter, anything at all to enhance airflow through the intercooler.  

THE BELT TENSIONER IS ANOTHER AREA WHERE A&A IS KING. Each tensioner is machined from 9.6 pounds of 6061 Aluminum bar. The shaft is precision machined 4340 Chromoly steel. The tensioner rotates on German manufactured bearings that are precision fit much like an engine bearing. The bores are set for a certain amount of “crush” so that the shaft to bearing clearance is within the range specified by the bearing manufacturer. Each one is hand assembled at our facility and checked for proper spring tension with a digital torque meter. NOBODY else does that but A&A! 

On the practical side, they have 3 internal spring settings. A 1000 HP drag racer obviously needs more spring pressure than a 600 HP daily driver, right? This can be accomplished with just one tensioner! We even have an optional spring for super high horsepower drag racers. There is also a “lock pin” so the tensioner can be rotated to the slack position and locked in place. This is a huge help when installing a belt, changing an alternator etc. Fighting the spring tensioner is a thing of the past. 
No other manufacturer has a tensioner that is even close to theirs in both quality and practicality. 

THE MOUNTING BRACKET ASSEMBLY IS ALSO STATE OF THE ART.  Each plate is machined on both sides to assure absolute flatness and accuracy. Super strong bracing, Grade 8 hardware, all steel pulleys with dual bearings, stainless or aluminum stantions for proper bearing support and our billet tensioner are all standard. The brackets are also set up to use 6 or 8 rib drive pulleys without modification, right out of the box.  

A&A’s bracket assemblies have often been described as “jewelry”. Look at the overall quality of the machine work and components. It really is a work of art. 




To get from the supercharger outlet to the intercooler you must go behind the sway bar, over to the right side of the radiator, and then up and over the front part of the skid bar assembly. Others use 90-degree rubber hoses connected with aluminum tubes. Their rubber hoses need to be contorted to make the odd angles needed. Not A&A. The silicone hoses are manufactured with the correct bends to get from the supercharger to intercooler without twisting or kinking. They are also extremely strong and oil resistant.  No 90 degree bends.

A&A also uses stainless “Constant Tension” clamps on our charge tubing. These clamps expand and contract to keep the connections tight at all temperatures as well as provide 360 degree clamping force. 


A&A OFFERS THE LARGEST INTAKE DUCT in a standard system. They designed it to clear the stock and most aftermarket radiators while maximizing airflow. There is 4 ½” on the supercharger end with appropriately sized silicone couplers for the different head units available. The oversized end allows us to have a much larger cross sectional area at the pinch point where it crosses over the radiator. This area is about 35% larger than other designs. 

NEW RADIATOR HOLD DOWN BRACKETS:  Manufacture laser cut, CNC bent brackets to securely hold the radiator, fan and AC condenser assembly in place. These brackets, in conjunction with the top shroud and mounting brackets make for a very stable and professional looking installation. 

A&A uses Vortech head units in all of their systems. Vortech builds the head units to their specifications under a private label agreement. We offer head units of varying sizes to accommodate different horsepower levels.  

The Si Trim head unit is best suited for stock engines and is the only one available in our C.A.R.B. Certified kits. (available in engine oil fed or self-contained) 

The Ti Trim is better suited for those with headers, moderate camshafts, Methanol injection etc. and is a NO COST OPTION. (available in engine oil fed or self-contained) 

The YSi is the KING of this family of blowers. When combined with a properly built engine, 8 or 10 rib belt drive, their Secondary Drive and Dual Pump Fuel Systemthe YSi is capable of over 1000 REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER in a late model Corvette. 


We want you to have the best experience possible when dealing with us both before and after the sale. You can always talk to a FI Performance sales manager, the owner and head designer of A&A, or one of their top techs who is infinitely knowledgeable on how the products operate and are installed. You won’t get a minimum wage customer service rep that knows nothing outside his or her script. You’ll get great advice based on many years of experience every time.

Whether you are looking for a 550 horsepower street car that drives like a stock car on steroids or an 8 second drag racer. We can put a package together for you to reach your goals. Combine that with the unparalleled customer support they are famous for, there is no reason to go anywhere else.  With fast ship times, you can expect your kit to be on the road within 1 week in most cases.  Custom builds add to delivery times, when we put your custom quote together, we will have a rough delivery window laid out.

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