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Silver's NEOMAX 2-WAY Corvette Coilovers STEEL SHOCK BODIES 1997-2013 C5 & C6 **OUR PREFERRED CHOICE

Silver's NEOMAX 2-WAY Corvette Coilovers STEEL SHOCK BODIES 1997-2013 C5 & C6 **OUR PREFERRED CHOICE

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Silver’s NEOMAX 2-WAY Coilover Kit for Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 1997-2013 Features:
APO Military Folks Contact Us for how we deal with getting your equipment to you.

We are the largest and original Silver's Corvette Distributor.  

• Race proven NEOMAX 2-Way kits offer 40 clicks of independent rebound via the top of the shock and 24 clicks of compression adjustment via the external reservoir. Being able to adjust rebound and compression independently allows you to fine tune your vehicle over harsh bumps that may be unsettling the car, but you can also fine tune the dive and pitch of the car to help improve turn-in and exiting behavior on the track.
•The 2-Way kits use large external reservoirs, which allow for higher oil capacity which aids in cooling and keeps the shock performing at high ambient temperatures while being put through the paces on track. The large reservoirs also allow for a higher volume of nitrogen which in turn requires less overall pressure for the shock to perform as it should. This helps with extended stroke situations such as rumble strips or sudden drops with a tire dropping off track.
•Carbon Steel Cartridge Shock Bodies
• 44mm linear characteristic internal piston provides maximum dampening response for ultimate performance while simultaneously giving a comfortable ride.
• High viscosity IP F.A. 5W damper oil ensures the best efficiency of shock-absorption and dampening control.
• Height adjustability is provided by the lower bracket which prevents the need to adjust the spring perch or preload, offering the maximum possible travel.
• Cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9254 steel which keeps stable elastic modulus.
• Powder coated steel lower brackets matching all factory brake line & ABS wire tabs, for ease of installation.
• Anodized T6 6061 aluminum lower mounts for multilink suspension systems to lower un-sprung weight.
• 18 Month limited manufacturer’s 

Typically those that will go for this kit are not looking for the slammed look.  If that’s what you are looking for pleae checkout the 1-way kits.

NOTE: Remote Rear Dampening Adjusters Included at no extra charge. This will allow you to adjust rear dampening from the trunk, a very handy feature. Default Spring Rates: Front 12K, Rear 8K - Excellent all-around street use with some track duty. Custom spring rates available for Drag, Drift & Auto-X. NO ADDITIONAL COSTS for custom builds with 2-3 week delivery times for any build. Most kits are received in 1-2 weeks on average, you will be kept informed as to build/shipping progress.

In Stock Availability means kits are made to order and shipped directly to you.  Typically 2-3 weeks. Occasionally not all kits on stocking orders are pre-sold and if your kit is in the US, 1 week delivery.  If you have questions please call 203-644-0712 and speak with Brian directly.

Silver's Suspension Frequently Asked Corvette Questions:

Q: I do a little bit of track work and mostly street, what rates should I go with?
A: We suggest the standard 12k Front, 8k Rear setup for most builds.

Q: I do more track work than an occasional track day, either drag or Auto X, what rates should I go with?
A: We suggest the stiffer in the rear setup here, 12k Front, 10k Rear.

Q: I make big power and run sticky tires / slicks / drag radial but don't go to the track, what rates should I go with?
A: Drag Setup in either standard drag or extreme +1000whp with the valving mod.

Q: Should I upgrade my sway bars at the same time?
A: We suggest you try the coilovers out first before changing out your sways.  The reason is the shocks are digresively valved which will make the car feel like there are fatter sway bars underneath you.

Q: What happens if there is a warranty issue, does the coilover get repaired. 
A: In most cases, Silver's would just replace the part.  It's faster and more cost effective to take care of the customer with a new part vs. going through the ship, inspect, repair process.

Q: What if it's after warranty and I need to replace a shock?
A: You can purchase replacement shock bodies individually.

Q: Why have I never heard of Silver's Suspension before?
A: Silver's has been operating since 1999 and is only in their 1st year (as of 2018) in the United States.  For more back-story on Silver's be sure to check out the video's below.  

Q: Do I have to drill anything.
A: Yes, put your big boy/girl pants on, it's just a 1/4" hole for the remote rear adjuster.  Don't worry, you won't be drilling through or around anything vital like wiring or fuel lines etc...

Q: What about people telling me to corner balance the car to select spring rates
A: Yes, you can go through all the motions of putting time in and figuring out what spring rates to use on your own.  Or, you can simply tell us what you plan on doing with the car, what kind of tires you are running (drag applications) and what kind of power you are making and we can suggest something appropriate based on not only in-house testing (we did a lot) as well as dozens of customer feedback post their installations.

Q: Is Silver's TUV Certified for Germany?
A: Yes

Q: Is everything designed and made in-house?
A: Yes, all Silver's, they do not rely on other part suppliers.

Q: I hear these have Remote Rear Dampening Adjusters, how do they work?
A: Watch This Video Demonstration On Our In-House Z06

Q: What if I have the electronic suspension, how do you address preventing an idiot light from coming on?
A: There are many reputable suppliers that can help you there with a resistor plug to trick the computer that everything is OK.  

Q: Can't I just upgrade the shocks and call it a day?
A: Without getting rid of the transverse leaf in the C5/6 suspension setup, you will always have "suspension cross-talk".  Converting to a full coilover suspension will eliminate that and allow better control.

General Updates:
11/23/21 2-WAY Kits Available
11/9/21 Aluminum Shock Bodies Now Available
8/10/2021 Update: Super Low Option Now Available.  cation added for more custom than the best selling setups.  
12/4/20 Update: New spring rate specification added 
11/27/20 Update: BLACK FRIDAY SALE IS ON!!! FI Performance & Silver's Suspension Black Friday Sale 2020 Video

7/30/20 Update: We have added the "Track Rat Special" specification 
4/29/20 Update: Covid-19 Has Not Impacted Build Times 
4/20/20 Update:
 We have added a few more spring rate specs including a Vette Kart

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