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A&A Corvette Stage 1 Fuel System & Injectors 80#

A&A Corvette Stage 1 Fuel System & Injectors 80#

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This package includes the A&A Corvette C5 Stage 1 Single Pump Fuel System (In Addition to OEM Pump) and 80Lbs. Siemans Deka EV1 High Impedance Tall Injectors.

Deka 80lbs. Injector Details:

Siemens 80lb High Impedence Injectors, Full Length 
The 80lbs/hr @39.15.psi or 84lbs/hr @ 43.5 EFI fuel injectors function at 11-12 Ohms, These new injectors offer users the increased benefit of an optimal fuel spray pattern once placed following installation inside the vehicle engine. These injectors work exceptionally well with any of the new Ford Mustang engine types, along with many other engine types capable of utilizing MORE POWER!
  • No jumper harness performance when operating your EFI vehicle.
  • Optimal fuel spray pattern allows engines to utilize MORE POWER!!!
  • Allows for naturally aspirated engines to operate at power increases up to 1200 hp! NA (8)
  • SIEMENS new injectors offer a high impedance rate of 11-12 Ohms.
  • These new Siemens EV1 fuel injectors are compatible with any EV1 wire harness

A&A Stage 1 Single Pump System Details:

  • The system comes with preassembled stainless PTFE lines, a preassembled wire harness, an adjustable Hobbs switch, return regulator with polished mounting bracket, high capacity Bosch pump, pump mounting bracket, fuel line disconnect tool, drain hose to pump fuel from tank, filter and all necessary fittings. (For gasoline only. We recommend our Dual Pump system for use with E85.)
  • Our feed line snaps onto your factory fuel rail and factory fuel feed line with Russell quick connect fittings just like the OE lines. There is absolutely no fabrication of lines and fittings needed.
  • Both the fuel pressure and the boost level at which the pumps turn on are fully adjustable. We heat shrink all our connections, use Weather Pack style connectors and genuine Hobbs pressure switches for reliability.
  • This system is rated for 800 HP at 60 PSI. For horsepower levels above this, we can simply add a Boost A Pump. The beauty of this system is that only the factory pump runs under most driving conditions. Running a secondary pump or dual in tank pumps full time only serves to heat up the fuel and cause its own set of problems. Those setups are also terribly annoying. Listening to a noisy fuel pump singing all the time will drive you nuts!
  • Our system is seamless and quiet. You’ll never hear the pump as it only comes on under boost, when it’s needed.

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    WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.” WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
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