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Silver's Corvette C5 & C6 Coilovers (Silver's C5/C6 Coilovers)

Silver’s NEOMAX Coilover Kit for Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 1997-2013 Features:

• Mono-tube shock design, Increases shock oil capacity as well as displacement over twin tube designs for maximum performance.
• Adjustable T6 6061 front camber plates on all McPherson style applications.
• 24 levels of dampening adjustability combined with our high grade shock oil, not only do you feel the click in your fingers, you feel every dampening adjustment in the driver’s seat..
• High strength JIS G3445-STKM13C (DIN2393-ST44-2) carbon steel 52mm diameter seamless shock tube.
• 44mm linear characteristic internal piston provides maximum dampening response for ultimate performance while simultaneously giving a comfortable ride.
• High viscosity IP F.A. 5W damper oil ensures the best efficiency of shock-absorption and dampening control.
• Height adjustability is provided by the lower bracket which prevents the need to adjust the spring perch or preload, offering the maximum possible travel.
• Cold-bent springs made from high strength SAE9254 steel which keeps stable elastic modulus.
• Powder coated steel lower brackets matching all factory brake line & ABS wire tabs, for ease of installation.
• Anodized T6 6061 aluminum lower mounts for multilink suspension systems to lower un-sprung weight.
• 18 Month limited manufacturer’s warranty.

NOTE: Remote Rear Dampening Adjusters Included at no extra charge. This will allow you to adjust rear dampening from the trunk, a very handy feature.Default Spring Rates: Front 12K, Rear 8K - Excellent all-around street use with some track duty. Custom spring rates available for Drag, Drift & Auto-X. NO ADDITIONAL COSTS for custom builds with 2-3 week delivery times for any build. Most kits are received in 1-2 weeks on average, you will be kept informed as to build/shipping progress.

Silver's Suspension Frequently Asked Corvette Questions:

Q: I do a little bit of track work and mostly street, what rates should I go with?
A: We suggest the standard 12k Front, 8k Rear setup for most builds.

Q: I do more track work than an occasional track day, either drag or Auto X, what rates should I go with?
A: We suggest the stiffer in the rear setup here, 12k Front, 10k Rear.

Q: I make big power and run sticky tires / slicks / drag radial but don't go to the track, what rates should I go with?
A: Drag Setup in either standard drag or extreme +1000whp with the valving mod.

Q: Should I upgrade my sway bars at the same time?
A: We suggest you try the coilovers out first before changing out your sways.  The reason is the shocks are digresively valved which will make the car feel like there are fatter sway bars underneath you.

Q: What happens if there is a warranty issue, does the coilover get repaired. 
A: In most cases, Silver's would just replace the part.  It's faster and more cost effective to take care of the customer with a new part vs. going through the ship, inspect, repair process.

Q: What if it's after warranty and I need to replace a shock?
A: You can purchase replacement shock bodies individually.

Q: Why have I never heard of Silver's Suspension before?
A: Silver's has been operating since 1999 and is only in their 1st year (as of 2018) in the United States.  For more back-story on Silver's be sure to check out the video's below.  

Q: Do I have to drill anything.
A: Yes, put your big boy/girl pants on, it's just a 1/4" hole for the remote rear adjuster.  Don't worry, you won't be drilling through or around anything vital like wiring or fuel lines etc...

Corvette C5 Hyperflash Harness (C5Flash)

Does your C5 Corvette have Hyper Flash / Hyperflash or a faulty OEM Flasher?

Get one of these Hyperflash Harnesses from us and solve those issues in as low as 20 minutes!

Assembled with parts consisting of original GM Delphi connectors, TPA's and terminals to ensure the best fit with your original harness,combined with a custom spec'ed flasher to deliver the optimum flashes per minute rate for your C5 Corvette.

This harness uses TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) equipped connectors just like the original GM Delphi connectors to ensure that each terminal has a "locked in", assured connection. The TPAs can only be inserted if each terminal is completely seated in the connector housing. This will make sure that the terminals will not back out of the housing due to natural vibrations.

  • Solves problems with your OEM flasher
  • Permanently fixes the problem you were temporarily fixing by toggling the hazard switch until the turn signals worked again
  • Solves hyper flashing / rapid flashing caused by LED Taillights or LED DRLs without using hot load resistors.
  • Simple 20-30 minute Plug N Play installation with a #15 Torx Driver and the included instructions with pictures.
ACA Corvette C5 Headlights (ACA C5 Headlight)

These are the highest quality OEM - style head lights you can find for your C5 Corvette.  

These head lights have DOT approval for inspection purposes in your state and are made in Taiwan (not China/Ebay garbage). These are NOT the replicas you see on the market that are much cheaper than the version we are selling. 

9005 temperature is around 4100K 

  • Low beams are H9. High beams are 9005 
  • Kit includes (1) R and (1) L housing, low beam bulbs, high beam bulbs, installation wiring harnesses for R and L. 
  • Installation Instructions are available via email upon request. 
    Professional Installation is strongly recommended for these lights.
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