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Corvette C5 Hyperflash Harness (C5Flash)

Does your C5 Corvette have Hyper Flash / Hyperflash or a faulty OEM Flasher?

Get one of these Hyperflash Harnesses from us and solve those issues in as low as 20 minutes!

Assembled with parts consisting of original GM Delphi connectors, TPA's and terminals to ensure the best fit with your original harness,combined with a custom spec'ed flasher to deliver the optimum flashes per minute rate for your C5 Corvette.

This harness uses TPA (Terminal Position Assurance) equipped connectors just like the original GM Delphi connectors to ensure that each terminal has a "locked in", assured connection. The TPAs can only be inserted if each terminal is completely seated in the connector housing. This will make sure that the terminals will not back out of the housing due to natural vibrations.

  • Solves problems with your OEM flasher
  • Permanently fixes the problem you were temporarily fixing by toggling the hazard switch until the turn signals worked again
  • Solves hyper flashing / rapid flashing caused by LED Taillights or LED DRLs without using hot load resistors.
  • Simple 20-30 minute Plug N Play installation with a #15 Torx Driver and the included instructions with pictures.
ACA Corvette C5 Headlights (ACA C5 Headlight)

These are the highest quality OEM - style head lights you can find for your C5 Corvette.  

These head lights have DOT approval for inspection purposes in your state and are made in Taiwan (not China/Ebaygarbage).These are NOT the replicas you see on the market that are much cheaper than the version we are selling. 

9005 temperature is around 4100K 

We run these headlights on our in-house Z06 and the long term quality is top notch.  We have taken them in and out several times doing other work requiring headlight removal and the mounting points remain rock solid. - Brian "The Boss"
RW Engineering C5 Trans Mount and Engine Mount Package (RWE Trans / Eng Mt Pkg)
Get rid of the soft mounts on your engine and transmission with the RW Engineering Driveline Mount Package.  You can see the individual product details on their respected pages in the C5 Driveline Section

By ordering this package, you will save yourself 5% to invest on other go fast goodies... Typical lead time is 7 days.
BC Racing Corvette C5 & C6 BR Series Coilovers Q-15-BR (BC C5/6 BR * Q-15-BR)
The BC Racing BR Series is their most popular suspension package.

Equally at home on street and track the BR Series offers the best of both worlds with ride height and damping adjust-ability. Damping is adjusted simultaneously and height is adjusted independently of piston and spring stroke. The BR Series offers a minimum 2 inch drop as well as 30 levels of damping adjustment. Assembled by hand in their facility, each application undergoes stringent quality control protocols to deliver the best possible suspension product to the consumer.

The BR Series is not meant as an entry level suspension setup but as a versatile setup that excels across a number of automotive disciplines.

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