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SPA Technique DG216 Dual Boost & Fuel Pressure Gauge (Black Face) (DG216)

SPA Design provides a wide array of dual gauges that provide the user and operator with specific and highly accurate information. 

DG216 Boost & Fuel Pressure Gauge has been our primary gauge for over a decade.  Please Note all of the features that are loaded into this gauge. 

See it in action here!

NOTE: The DG216 is only available in black face

The latest dual gauge 200 instruments have been developed utilizing state of the art surface mount microprocessor technology. Whilst externally and dimension-ally similar to its predecessor, internally it has been completely re-designed for greater accuracy and robustness. In 2012 this gauge line got updated with a new microprocessor and backlight allowing more options. 

These lightweight compact dual gauges now come with all of the following features: 

  • Selectable Backlight Color (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Magenta, Cyan, White, Off) 
  • Adjustable backlight brightness 
  • Black or white dials 
  • Standard Black 
  • High resolution modes for 0.1 PSI(BAR), Deg F(C)etc  
  • Programmable button function, recall menuetc  
  • Splash proof sensor connections 
  • Extended temperature operation (for extreme climates) -20 to +70 Deg C 
  • Stainless steel pressure and vacuum sensors 
  • Programmable warning lights, low battery, averagingetc  
  • Programmable backlight flashing as a warning 
  • Programmable outputs for driving external LED's or relays 
  • Thermocouple options and kits available 

All instruments include kits, which are fully inclusive of all sensors and wiring as well as comprehensive user manuals. If you have any questions about specific dual gauges please don't hesitate to call.

SPA Technique - 4.0 Ltr. AFFF-AR, Steel Mechanical FIA 2018 Fire Suppression System (SPA FIA18-L4S)


SPA FireSense® Suppression Systems

The SPA Technique FireSense Suppression Systems are specifically created for use in competition vehicles and offers the latest in on board fire suppression technology.

All SPA FireSense® AFFF in-car systems and hand helds utilize AFFF-AR (Aqueous Film Forming Foam - ALCOHOL RESISTANT). These non-toxic ozone friendly suppression systems give the competitor the same level of protection whether they're a top level pro or a weekend track racer.

WHY you should buy an SPA FireSense® System?

The fire suppression systems have been rigorously tested in conjunction with the BSI and MSA and fully conform to the latest FIA regulations for competition vehicles.

The 4 litre Multi-Flo systems were designed specifically for use in closed cockpit cars i.e. Saloon, Rally and Sports cars. They give an even two-liter split between engine and cockpit compartments from a single chamber bottle.

FIA18-L4S - 4.0 Ltr. AFFF-AR, Steel Mechanical FIA 2018 Fire Suppression System

4.0 Liter AFFF-AR, Steel Mechanical(Lever Valve)Fire Suppression System

NEW - FIA 2018 approved AFFF-AR (water-based foam - Alcohol Resistant) system comes complete with everything to install.

• Bottle Dimensions: 16.54"H x 5.9" Dia.
• FIA Homoologation No. - EX.045.17

Kit Includes:

  • 4x AFFF Nozzle (2x Engine, 2x Cockpit)
  • 1x 10mm-8mm Y-fitting
  • 2x 8mm T-fitting
  • 1x 8mm Bulkhead fitting
  • 0.5m 10mm Decabon tubing
  • 4.5m 8mm Decabon tubing
  • 2x Bottle Mounts (w/FIA anti-torpedo tabs)
  • 1x Large E sticker
  • 1x Small E sticker
  • 1x 6ft Pull Cable
  • 1x 12ft Pull Cable
The red brackets/mount plate and Fourtrex bar mounts are not included.

• Made in the UK/USA

Shipping Note: We will charge a flat rate of $100 for the shipping due to weight and this kit having to ship under special terms/rates due to the product it is and being a "pressurized" vessel.  Once we create the shipping labels, we will subtract the actual shipping against the $100 flat rate and refund the difference.

Installation Note: We have installed this kit in our in-house Z06 due to a recent and very small engine bay fire when a fuel line let go and this happened in the parking lot of our offices where we were able to extinguish it barely with a 2.5# hand held.  The reason we went this route is that many of our clients have large fuel systems and a lot of money into their builds and at the end of the day, what this system costs would be a drop in the bucket.

We took a different approach on the installation of the nozzles.  Spec is 2 in the engine bay and 2 in the drive area.  Since this is a street car and we have hand held halotron extinguisher, our in-house install has 3 in the engine bay and 1 by the gas tank bulkhead area where we have a secondary inline pump, filter and fittings.

We suggest purchasing additional 5/16" or 8mm Steel or Aluminum tubing as well as a multi-pack of fittings for a more custom / tight bends "needed" install.

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