Cartek Corvette C5 Line Lock 2001-2004

Cartek Corvette C5 Line Lock 2001-2004
Cartek Corvette C5 Line Lock 2001-2004 Cartek Corvette C5 Line Lock 2001-2004
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The Cartek Line Lock Burn-Out Control Series offers simple installation, quality construction, easy to use, and saves your rear brake pads as well as your limited slip clutch pack from excessive abuse. All in one complete kit. The installation is straight forward; it’s as simple as removing your old brake line between your ABS module and brake master for your front brakes, installing the custom/model specific brake line/solenoid assembly (direct replacement), bleeding the line, wire up the solenoid, and off to the track you go.

With the Cartek Line Lock you will no longer have to force through the rear brakes to do a decent burn out to heat up your tires. Also with out the possibility of an uneven side to side load of the rear brakes you won’t have to worry about one tire spinning more than the other during the burn out and damaging you clutch pack in your differential. The Cartek Line lock will pay for itself in short order by adding life to your brakes and rear differential.

Plus the simple procedure for usage makes it a “have to have” product for the regular racer. Roll through the water box, firmly press the brake down once (do not pump brakes), depress momentary switch (supplied), release brake pedal. Your front brakes are now locked and your rear brakes are fully released. Also you now have a free foot if you have a stick shift to operate the clutch. Perform the burn out, release the momentary switch and now your brakes are back to normal and you are ready to race.

Models available:
• 1998-2000 1-Piece
• 1999-2000 2-Piece*
• 2001-2004
• 2005-present

See the line lock in action

* You need this model if there is a proportioning valve below the master cylinder.

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