About FI Performance

FI Performance was born as Forced Induction and Automotive Performance back in 2008 and evolved over the years into a wholesale only environment getting away from B2C retail sales & installations.  Brian Rosenberg and his team of automotive professionals were primarily working with independent performance facilities overseas supplying ultra high-end performance parts to these shops that under normal conditions would not have access to these US manufacturers. 

Since 99% of our business was with shops and not the retail public, we dropped our .com presence and conducted all of our business over phone/email.  A month or so after the website was let go, a European chemical company registered our .com as theirs.  Since we didn’t do e-commerce at the time, the website was not needed so we let the thought of fiperformance.com go.

Fast forward to 2015 and through social media, we started getting a lot of requests from “John Q. Public” for build and parts advice.  After hearing enough of, “you guys should get back into the US retail market” and fiperformance.com URL now available for purchase again, our website was re-register.  FI Performance now has a fully functional e-commerce environment and brings decades of aftermarket automotive experience back to the public.  Nothing but the best will go on our site for purchase and majority of the parts we promote/sell we have used in the past and have had great results.  All of our product testing is done on our in-house vehicles before we bring them to you.  This way, when you see a part on our site, you can rest assured that thousands of test miles have been put on these parts and they pass our strict standards.

For more information, feel free to reach out to us any time.

“FI Performance, the art of automotive performance and tuning accessories.”

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